118 ML



Liquid magnesium! 99.99% pure magnesium, water soluble and easily absorbed in the body

1 serving: 4 pipettes

Servings per. Bottle: 32 pcs.

Nutritional content per dose:
Water: 3.6 g
Magnesium: 296 mg

Recommended dosage:
Adults: 4 pipettes daily
Children: 2 pipettes daily

* Contains no preservatives or artificial ingredients.


Do you know what is the most important question you should ask when you buy a magnesium supplement?

Is the product bioavailable? That means, will it be absorbed into our cells?

There are many supplements that contain magnesium. Not all types of magnesium or other minerals are absorbed into the cells effectively. And if you do not have a good digestive system, it can be difficult for your body to absorb minerals contained in food or in capsules and pills. Not only is it bad economy, but most importantly, the body does not get items that are very important for its many tasks.

What is the condition for magnesium to be absorbed into the cells?

Minerals are absorbed in the cells through the ion channels. Therefore, it is very important that the supplement you take is in an ionic form and that the molecular size is small enough to pass through the ion channels.

The minerals most easily absorbed in the body are liquid, ie dissolved in water, organic and in ionic form.

Our magnesium product is liquid, organic, ionic and the particles are measured in Angstrom size. 1 nanometer is 10 Angstroms.

Our magnesium product has a very high uptake in the body, and is absorbed independently of the digestion, as it will not break down further or be reversed to be absorbed. The absorption already begins in the oral cavity. In this way, your body benefits from the supplement you take, it does not leave the body without doing the tasks we expect it to do.
The dietary supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. A healthy, varied, and balanced diet usually covers the need for vitamins and minerals. It should not be taken more than the recommended dose.