Jonas Orset

Jonas Orset is 27 years old and comes from Langhus. He is a pro cyclist and was the first Norwegian in an Asian continental team in 2015. In 2018 he will ride for the Serbian-Spanish continental Team Dare Gaviota.

Jonas won the great strength test, the 540 km long cycle ride from Trondheim to Oslo in 2017, and you can read about his rides at

Jonas says he loves being active and using his body and that it is good to know that things work and that he develops for each year. He was very tired in 2013, was always sick and did not feel well. He eventually found out that the intestinal function was poor, but he got good help to build up the intestine again and says that the body felt new again. A well-functioning body is alpha and omega for an athlete.

Jonas says that using the body, especially cycling, gives him a lot of joy. He wants to develop and compete at the top level internationally. He wants to participate in the World Cup, Tour de France and the classic rides. He says that, regardless of whether he reaches his goals, he will always take care of the memories and the joy of living an active life with many good experiences.

We at Universal Biology have had the pleasure of following this sympathetic and nice boy for several years and we hope to see a continued increase in form and in his achievements.