Erlend Bolsta Raa

Here is some info about Erlend Bolstad Raa:

He is 18 years old. Coming from Bergen and belonging to Fana Idrettslag in Bergen.
He is a great talent in athletics and focuses on height and step jump.
Otherwise he plays basketball, hikes a lot in the mountains in the summers and likes to fish.

His goals for 2018 season are:
To qualify for the U20 World Cup in Tampere, Finland. The requirement for this is 2.16 m in height
Take gold in the U20 Nordic Championship
Take gold in the Norwegian championship in athletics for seniors.
Jump 2.18 in height and 15.50 in three steps.

His long-term goals are:
Qualify for Eurocup 2020 in athletics senior (2.23 in height)
Qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (2.29 in height)